Slough Safeguarding Children

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December 3rd 2018

1)         There is NOW just 1 front door for all referrers which includes both Early Help and Social Care. 

2)         There is just 1 phone number (01753 875362) and there are more telephone lines available for referrers to speak to someone

3)         There is just one Multi Agency Referral Form to be completed (called MARF for short) CLICK HERE

4)         There is just one email address to send enquiries or the MARF to

Questions in relation to the above please contact Donna Briggs, Operational Manager, Early Help hub at or Karin Courtman, SCST Head of Improvement, at

Do let your colleagues know.

The DFE Working Together to safeguard children 2018 guidance

The main guidance document is on this link: Working together to safeguard children 2018.pdf

Transitional guidance click HERE

Working Together letter from DfE HERE

New LSCB training: Working together to safeguard children

Target audience: This course is for those who work with children and their families, including those who work with vulnerable adults, who have had in-house introductory safeguarding training and who need to work with partner agencies in recognising and responding to child abuse and neglect.


To provide professionals with the competencies needed to work with partner agencies to safeguard children.  

CSE awareness training now available

Target audience: Everyone who works with children and vulnerable people.


 To develop knowledge and skills in recognising and responding to the needs of children who have been, or who are at risk of sexual exploitation. 

Child Protection Conference and core group training


FGM summer posters campaign

Posters available on this link

fgm poster 2


Letter from Thames Valley POlice FGM




@LSCB Slough

 Threshold guidance 

There is one more Threshold seminar this term on 13th March.  More dates will be published soon

All are 12-2pm and all in Venus rooms 3 and 4 at St. Martin's Place.

to book: e-mail: